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ICI is uniquely qualified and has provided background investigations and psychological testing for pilots as well as other airline personnel based in the Middle East. ICIs Global Watch Data Base and investigative protocols are paramount for all Airlines, especially those where pilots are licensed in countries other than the airlines country of origin. 

ICI SELECTED to conduct Economic Analysis of Historic Pier A at Battery Park, New York Click on Link for Story Summary Click Here

Worldwide investigations: Specializing in due-diligence, civil, criminal, pre-employment, financial history, source of funds for investment, education history.  Individuals, companies and their directors.
Global watch, Interpol, FBI, and international blacklist. ICI maintains an international presence with associate offices in major Cities worldwide. Complete reports on a timely basis at competitive prices.


ICI offers Due Dillegence, Background Checks, Protection, Security, Corporate Review and Validation. ICI has operatives in key major countries: China, Singapore, Japan, Tiawan, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines and others. Please contact us to find out more.

ICI has provided assistance in counter Terrorism, Enhanced Emergency Management protocols for Japanese Government Agencies and their assigned contractors, coordinated meetings with Homeland Security in Washington D.C., Amtrak Security, Washington D.C. Fire Department, and other Government Agencies in New York City.  Currently under a three year contract with Japanese contractors, mandated to respond and assist Japanese businessmen and students that are under threat or in any form of difficulty while conducting business or traveling within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

Why Choose Us?

We are trained investigators, advisors and guardians. We will protect your company and its employees throughout the world. In addition we offer VIP protection teams.

ICI's Practice: Investigation and Information Analysis Services for Corporate, Financial, Legal and Government Clients worldwide.

Corporate & Financial Investigations: Fidelity Bond/Crime Coverage Claims, Litigation Support, Strategic Intelligence & Factual Analysis, Security of Physical & Intellectual Property.

ICI offers Senior Investigators, Analysts, and researchers specialized in computer forensics, forensic accounting, and legal issues of white collar crime. Our focus is on the restitution and recovery of money lost through fraud. ICI will investigate the matter from the initial suspicion through collection of judgment.

Fidelity Bond/Crime Coverage Claims: when employee defalcation is suspected or discovered, insurance settlements from fidelity bonds or crime coverage can not only reimburse the employer for a major portion of the financial loss, but also provide essential evidence required for civil litigation or criminal prosecution. ICI can combine established claim methods with technologically advanced solutions to reduce the time and expense required between discovery and recovery. Many insurance policies provide for reimbursement to the client fees and expenses incurred in connection with the discovery, investigation, and documentation of the out-of-pocket loss.
ICI operatives are experts in the sale, trading, accounting, valuation and transaction processing of complex financial instruments including: CMOs, IOs, POs, inverse floaters, Z-bonds, stocks, bonds, currencies, futures, options, swaps and other derivative instruments. ICI operatives have assisted in all aspects of the litigation process including motion practice, discovery request, document review, deposition and court appearances.

ICI will consult with you on all international matters, provide up to date intelligence and investigative assistance, and provide expert witness testimony, asset recovery and security.
ICI staff has investigated a variety of security law violations including misrepresentations, excessive markups, churning and valuation fraud.

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ICI maintains an international network of operatives to assist in investigations, recovery, security, bank activities, confidential guidance and assistance in dealing with arbitrage transactions.
ICI offers services in foreign languages as: Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese.

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