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Anti-Terrorism Awareness Training
Family Security - DNA I.D. Identification Kit

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Earl R. Johnson, D.M. CII

King V. Cheek, JD/LLB
Executive Vice-president

William J. Reilly Jr. 

Robert Holguin, MBA
Division Head
Systems Security

Stephen R. Green, MA
Division Head
Securities—Financial Fraud

Barry M. Levine
Financial Fraud

Charles Rice
Director of Operations and Training

Donald Amaeshi, MA.
Director, Africa Division.

Abdulhamied Alromaithy, Ph.D.
Director, Middle East Division.


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ICI maintains an international network of operatives to assist in investigations, recovery, security, bank activities, confidential guidance and assistance in dealing with arbitrage transactions.
ICI offers services in foreign languages as: Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese.

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