Background Checks

ICI executes comprehensive domestic and international background checks on companies and individuals.

• Civil and Criminal backgrounds
• International backgrounds
• Credit history
• Source of capital history of formation and development of the company
• Business history and reputation
• Professional and educational backgrounds
• Political connections

An audit of the company’s assets will indicate the company’s asset acquisition basis, whether there are third-party claims or potential for claims to arise, where actual asset values correspond to declared values, and the condition and use of the assets.

Solvency Assessment
A study of the company’s solvency is important for relationships with partners and other business afiliations.
ICI summarizes the company’s actual revenues, the company’s clients and suppliers, and reveals any short-term or long-term debt which may not be reflected in the company’s financial reports.
ICI will evaluate the company’s ability to generate sufficient cash flow to cover its financial requirements.

ICI International Consultants and Investigations, Inc. - Background Checks

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ICI maintains an international network of operatives to assist in investigations, recovery, security, bank activities, confidential guidance and assistance in dealing with arbitrage transactions.
ICI offers services in foreign languages as: Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese.

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