C.A.T. Eyes

Anti-Terrorism Awareness Training:

Basic Course

• Overview of Terrorism

• What specifically to look for

• How to report findings

Terrorism Survival course:

• Effects of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological attacks

• Simple actions to reduce risk

• Replaces fear with knowledge

Students leave feeling less scared and more empowered !

Used by over 400 Police Departments Nationwide.

The Community Anti-terrorism Training Institute sponsors training for the average citizen on how to recognize terrorist acts before they can occur. The course was developed by US military, Israeli Defense Forces, and Police Officers. The company's motto "Watching America with Pride, not Prejudice" has enabled CAT Eyes to be the leader in the field of Terrorism Awareness. Cat Eyes has been featured on CNN, FOX News, Inside Edition as well as the NY Times, Philadelphia Enquirer and numerous other publications. They have trained over 400 Police Departments. The courses are: Basic Terrorism awareness Course, Terrorism Survival course, Security guard anti-terrorism training course and a train the trainer program.

Basic Cat Eyes Program: Students will learn what terrorism is, how to detect it, and how to properly report the information. This course will help reduce racial discrimination and improves the eyes and ears of all students against terrorism. Attendees report feelings of empowerment. Endorsed by law enforcement, US Congress and the Arab-American Institute.

CAT Eyes Train the trainer program: Cat Eyes has Instructors in over 400 Police Agencies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio to include the Boston PD, US Park Police, and US Mint Police. All graduates receive parchment style diplomas, 100 page course book, and all course slides and handouts. Graduates are licensed to teach the Basic Cat Eyes Program (SEE ABOVE) for free to their community, civic group, organization, or company.

Basic Terrorism Survival: Simple and Concise. Explains the basic Terrorism threats; Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical. Most people think one nuclear bomb will wipe out an entire city, the reality is a terrorist size nuclear bomb will probably destroy less than one mile. The course separates the myths form reality and leaves attendees feeling that they will definitely survive and they probably have a greater chance of getting hit by a car then killed by terrorists. Calms peoples fears.

CAT Eyes Security Guard Program: Trains Security officers how to detect terrorism and how to respond to terrorist acts. This training is developed for the basic security officer to increase their effectiveness in protecting an installation against terrorism. It also gives a background on how to react in the event something does happen.

For more information, please give us a call: 212.582.3115 or send us an email: info@icicompanies.com

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