DNA Cell Storage for Future Identification

Always on a volunteer basis

Why, consider storage your DNA?

You or your family can participate in a program that is vital to your future and is offered to you by ICI; we place your DNA in a laboratory bank that specializes in cell preservation. If you or one of your family members ever need to be identified for any reason, the value of having your DNA preserved for future analysis is paramount.

Buccal mucosa cell smears from inside the mouth can be sent to a laboratory where these cells are disrupted to produce DNA, which can then be preserved and cryogenically stored for future analysis. There are no cells “frozen in time” that could be rejuvenated or utilized for other purposes in the future. Pure DNA storage only allows for DNA analysis.

ICI offers this service as part of our CRISIS MANAGEMENT/ ANTI-TERRORIST TRAINING PROGRAM if you have future question on this subject please call us (phone: 866.977.3700) or send an email: info@ICIcompanies.com

Employers may participate in this program and it is suggested that they do, providing that it remains as a volunteer activity for each employee.

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